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In The Meadows of North Altadena

1073 Hollygrove Lane, Altadena

Multiple Offers | Sold in Just 14 Days

$270,000 Over Asking

This home had been tenant occupied for several years and my client decided to take advantage of the current market and sell the property. My client requested two sale/net proceeds analyses for the property: 1) to sell as is, and 2) to complete needed repairs and maximize the sale price.

Upon review of my completed analyses, my client elected to complete the repairs to increase market appeal and maximize net proceeds from the sale. In addition to my real estate services, I served as the project manager and facilitated the repairs and upgrades, which included painting, driveway replacement, flooring, landscaping, and managing the inevitable unexpected challenges.

After several months of work, the home was ready for market. We received twenty-seven offers and closed escrow at $270,000 over asking, which validated the extra effort put in for repairs and upgrades. I can help you too, and it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Call/text 626.524.4158.

Please click on the slide show below for some before and after photos.


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