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Altadena Home for sale


I understand that buying a home is a major decision for you and your family

and that decision can be filled with apprehension, concerns, and even a little fear.

My job is to help you find a home that you love, meets your needs, is in an area you want to live, and is within your budget. My goal is to successfully complete the aforementioned efficiently, alleviating as much of the stress as possible. 

Should you choose to work with me, I make the following pledges to you:
•    I will communicate with you in a timely and efficient manner.
•    I will begin the journey with a comprehensive buyer consultation

so that I thoroughly understand your desires, needs, interests, and concerns.

Home buyers in Altadena

"We met Doug at an open house. He was very attentive to our needs and our unique situation. It was our first time buying a home and he was a great help throughout the entire process. He was knowledgeable, honest, and helped us with all the negotiations, inspections, and paperwork. I would highly recommend Doug Colliflower."
                                    - Caleb, Pasadena

  • I will ensure that you are properly positioned to be competitive in today’s marketplace.   

  • I will help you find your dream home; I understand that you may have some very specific requirements and I recognize that our search may take some time.

  • I will guide and counsel you through the search process until you find your dream home. 

  • As an expert negotiator, I will be effective and successful at getting your offer accepted.

  • I will help you select the most appropriate property inspector and help you understand the findings.

•    I will guide you through the entire escrow process and answer every question and concern you may have.
•    I will ease, as much as possible, the stress of buying a home and guide you to a successful closing. 
•    I will serve as your fiduciary, always keeping your goals and well-being as my top priority.
•    I promise to inject a little fun along the way! 
The following are links to additional information helpful for home buyers:
Buy Your First Home In One Year: A Step-By-Step Guide – This is a good step-by-step guide and the timeline can certainly be accelerated depending on your own situation. 
My Home by Freddie Mac - This is an extremely comprehensive site that includes a lot of lending help, budgeting, and affordability tools, and some guidance to help you assemble your team.
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - VA benefits and Health Care, including home loans and housing assistance. 
California Housing Finance Agency - Loan programs and progressive housing solutions, so more Californians have a place to call home.
U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - Homeowner and rental resources and assistance.
FHA - Down Payment Assistance - Down payment assistance programs and/or grants from the Federal Housing Administration.

Looking for downpayment help? 
Buyer Programs
Grants and Assistance based on income, ethnicity, geographical area, veteran status

Click the image below

Home Downpayment Help
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