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Tech Products For Senior Living

In today’s technology age, we have become accustomed to newer gadgets, and we should use them for our benefit. Here are some top tech products that will help older adults live in their homes and community safely and comfortably.

Fall Detection

Fall detection is one of the most beneficial technologies that will help older adults. The Walabot HOME is an automated fall alert system. The device is automatically activated; no need to push a button or wear a necklace or bracelet. The goal of the Walabot is to detect when someone has fallen, specifically in the bathroom, where 80 percent of falls occur. According to HomeCare, Walabot HOME learns about a home’s

bathroom and continuously monitors it for a fall using the world’s most advanced radio frequency sensors. If a person falls, the designated emergency contact is notified through a two-way voice call and a text message. The alarm can be disabled simply by standing up. This device is for the safety of older adults.

Medication Management

Medication management is another tool that will help older adults. MedMinder provides both auditory and visual reminders to take their medication. It can even send a call to the patient as a reminder, as well as notify caregivers if a regimen is not being followed. You can choose from simple pillboxes to a monthly model that can include pharmacist-pre-filled medication inserts, which will be shipped directly to the client’s home.


The next technology that will help older adults stay safe is SmartRange. This technology is the ideal safety solution for all glass top electric ranges. SmartRange monitors change in the range’s cooking temperature; detecting a fire risk will signal a pre-alarm. The device will automatically shut off the range if the pre-alarm is left unattended.

Nest Doorbell

This is the perfect technology to view who is inside and outside of your home at all times. The Nest IQ has an added level of security called “familiar face recognition” technology that knows who should be in the home and who should not. The easy-to-use app can monitor in real-time and receive a photo alert of a person 50 feet away. The Nest Hello Doorbell allows a full view of the doorstep.

Emergency Response

Lastly, the emergency response called MyHelp 4G LTE Cellular PERS will allow older adults to reach a medical dispatch-certified monitoring center. The device works without a landline. This allows the older adult to call for help with a push of a button. Once you press the waterproof pendant or wristband, an emergency medical dispatch center will be notified.

All of these great products help enable you to remain in your home – age in place – safely.


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