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Resources For Older Adults Wanting To Age In Place

Aging in place is a desire shared by many older adults who wish to maintain their independence and stay in their own homes as they grow older. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to support them in this endeavor. From home modifications to technological aids, community services, and specialized professionals, this blog post will highlight some of the best resources that can assist older adults in successfully aging in place.

One of the key factors in enabling older adults to age in place is ensuring that their homes are safe, accessible, and adapted to their changing needs. Several government and nonprofit organizations offer home modification programs that provide financial assistance and expert guidance for making necessary adjustments. These programs may cover the cost of installing grab bars, ramps, stair lifts, and other accessibility features. Examples of such resources include the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's HUD Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Program, and organizations like Rebuilding Together.

Advancements in technology have opened a world of possibilities for older adults who wish to age in place. A wide range of assistive devices and smart home technologies can enhance safety, convenience, and overall well-being. For instance, wearable devices with fall detection capabilities can automatically alert emergency services in case of a fall. Smart home systems enable remote monitoring of household functions and provide voice-activated control over appliances and lighting. Furthermore, telehealth services allow older adults to consult with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes. Websites such as Aging and Health Technology Watch and the AARP Technology Resource Center are valuable resources for exploring and understanding the latest technological innovations for aging in place.

Strong community networks and support systems play a vital role in enabling older adults to age in place successfully. Many local organizations offer a range of services to assist older adults with various needs. These services may include transportation assistance, meal delivery, social and recreational programs, and home care services. Nonprofit organizations like Meals on Wheels and the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center are excellent resources for finding community support services. Additionally, Area Agencies on Aging, such as LA County WDACS and Pasadena Village are valuable hubs that connect older adults with a wide array of resources.

When considering aging in place, older adults may benefit from the expertise of a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES). SRES professionals have undergone specialized training to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by older adults when it comes to real estate. They can provide valuable guidance on housing options, such as downsizing, finding senior-friendly communities, or accessing resources for home modifications. SRES professionals have a comprehensive understanding of the local real estate market and can help older adults navigate the process of buying or selling a home. I am a certified SRES professional and very much enjoy working with older adults and their families to find solutions to their real estate challenges. To find additional SRES professionals please visit the, SRES Resource Page and click Find an SRES at the top right of the page.

Aging in place can be a rewarding and fulfilling choice for older adults, and with the right resources, it becomes more feasible. Home modification programs, technology and assistive devices, community support services, and the expertise of Senior Real Estate Specialists (SRES) are some of the key resources that can support older adults in their goal of aging in place. By leveraging these resources, older adults can maintain their independence, enhance their safety and well-being, and continue to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their own homes as they age.


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