What Is a 55+ Community?

A 55+ community is a type of location designed to accommodate people that are at least 55 years of age or older. In general, the atmosphere, layout, and amenities are meant to provide for the needs of this age group, rather than, for example, young families. The area may have very specific stipulations on who can live within the community with the goal of keeping the residents in this upper age limit. So why do people choose a 55+ community? The well-designed communities have all of the residents’ needs in mind. You should be close to hospitals, shopping, dining, and local attractions. Some like the physical security that a community provides whether it’s a gated neighborhood or on-site secu

How to Find the Right Person to Sell Your Home

How to Find the Right Person to Sell Your Home Your home is where you’ve lived and loved, raised your children, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries and created many wonderful memories. And you’ve been through a lot together. Now that it’s time to put it on the market, you’re likely experiencing some sadness, plus plenty of anxiety. Because really: How often does your future depend on selling your past? If you’re a little overwhelmed, we don’t blame you. But there’s also good news: You don’t have to go it alone. The right real estate agent becomes a close partner and has your back when it comes to setting a listing price, marketing, staging, and making appropriate repairs to your house. Your

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